Sunday, September 18, 2011

National Media Conference - Second day - Panel discussion - 180911

Live Blogging will start at 3pm by team K Srinivasan, Satish Surve,Aniruddha Kulkarni, Harshad Wadadekar.

K C Mouli
(Sr. Faculty, PR & Advertising, MLCN University of journalism, Bhopal)
Mr.K C Mouli Start Their speech with question that what is proactive media?
saying media highlights news of VVIPs before it happens known as proactive media. Media plays important role in these case like kagil war, women selling, child marriage,bribes, politicians and in anna hajare campaign media played proactive role.Growth of media has assumed better significance with rise in technology. 
informer, educator, communicator & also an activist.
participation of media in proactive way is good message for dvelopment of india.

Mr. Rajeev Khosla
(Addl Director,I & PR, Govt. of Hariyana, Chandighar.)
Media can be social, its not only commercial, media mates mass aware & touches life of masses haryana sex ratio has been highlighted with help of media. Media can be great force in social development.

Dr. Devendra Sharma
(Sr. Cartoonist,Indore.)
He Said about media role in society, how it looks towards society & how society looks towards media. 

B K Niranjana
(coordinator,media wings,Baroda(Alkapuri)Subzone)
Its not only responsibility of media but also everyone to change for society. i assume you these three days would be helpful for you knowing proactive media. people should change their mentality on their own to remove corruption, One has to understand self which is spirituality.meditation is the biggest answer to increase self power.

Irfan Khan
(Ex-Director,corporate communication, Hindustan lever,Mumbai)   
Media Played important role in india against corruption campaign. Media itself is a undergoing transformation, people are moving up, print media is suffering a loss since last five years are social for theme. we need to move for better technology, better media & better world for new generation.   

Arun Arora
(Sr.vice-president,corporate communication,Jindal steel,delhi)
Short term punishment work long term reward is best option motivation works as effectively as reward and punishment.If one focuses on strength the weaknesses will disappear. Media person can stop reporting on negative reporting and should report positively.Change the mind set, that normal news also be a good news why not talk about good news, change containt by using simple language while talking about spirituality.we should forget the past and concentrate on, now what we can do.

Ashish Gupta
(Regional Mnager,Sadhna News,Indore.)
Its wrong always blaming media, its not bad, the way it has been taken. we should stop adding masala to the news and give the exact message. Media is bridge between society and government, it should awaking both is not at fault, media is giving whatever is demand of audience. people knows how to criticize  but not how to fight against it. common man has to change first then only the society will change.

Dipendra shrestha
(Station director,radio annapurna, pokhra, Nepal.)
Information is power and media is power to change society. Today a big question arises, is it a business or service. we can not do everything we have planed, due to religious problems.Media has started collecting money for campaigns. contains, quantity and quality are three things where we need to concentrate.To change the society we have to change media insight.


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