Monday, February 17, 2020

Building Brand Image for political leaders - Presentation by Prime Point Srinivasan

NGPL workshop on communication for young political leaders
Participants with senior political leaders
Next Gen Political Leaders (NGPL), a registered NGO  organised a workshop on  'Çommunication and Personality Development'on 15th Feb 2020 at Chennai.  Many young leaders of all political parties participated.  Many senior leaders of all parties and experts shared their experiences. NGPL is an unique and the only of its kind platform in India to bring together young political leaders for developing their knowledge and leadership skills.  NGPL is the fifth initiative of the eMagazine PreSense, published by Prime Point Foundation

Prime Point Srinivasan made a presentation on "Building brand image for young political leaders".  During his presentation, he explained how the perception is formed , how brand image gets developed and the techniques for building brand image,including the risks involved. 

Senior leaders of political parties viz. Shri Selvaraj (CPI MP of Nagapattinam), Dr Jayakumar (Congress MP of Thiruvallur) and Shri D Kuppuramu (Sr. Vice President of BJP, Tamil Nadu) were also present during this presentation.

The power point presentation is appended below.

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