Friday, January 25, 2013

Youth Health Mela 2013 at Chennai - Need of the hour

Some of the NGOs, socially conscious doctors are organising every year a Health Mela for the youth since 2012.  Youth Health Mela 2013 is being held at Valluvar Kottam, Chennai from 24th Jan to 27th Jan 2013.

The main focus of the Mela is to create awareness among the youth about the ill effects of tobacco, alcohol, junk foods, etc.  Many of the NGOs, Educational institutions have put up their stall and through their students, they are exhibiting various aspects of keeping good health.

Mr A Sharfudeen
Today, I visited the Health Mela to get the first hand information.  Various seminars, symposiums, drawing contests are held by various NGOs to create health awareness.  In the exhibition, I met one Mr A Sharfudeen (62), who got cancer due to chain smoking in the food pipe.  He lost of his vocal chord, because of the smoking.  Others may not be able to understand his voice.  Hence, he is using a vibrator like device to amplify his speech.  Through this device, he is advising all the youngsters to stop smoking to avoid cancer.

Organs speak to you
In another stall put up by students, the listeners can sit and listen to the individual organs speaking to you about how they get affected due to our life style and habits.  Mr Jgan, a III year student of Media Science Department of Anna University has made this video.  With his permission, I am now publishing this in this site for the benefit of all the youth.  If you want to congratulate this student Jagan, you can send a mail to him at

Another interesting and powerful stall is about our TASMAC.  The stall put up by Paadam, monthly magazine depicts how alcohol causes health problems.  This stall is put up like a 'bar'. 

This Health Mela organised by the various social activists have not attracted much of the TV and print media.  The mainline media have not found this worthy enough for good coverage.  I request all the readers to share this information through social media and visit this Health Mela  at Valluvar Kottam, Chennai before 27th Jan 2013.

Some of the photos taken by me during my visit.

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