Saturday, September 17, 2011

National Media Conference 2011 - First day - Inauguration

K. Srinivasan, Prime Point reporting live from Mount Abu.  I am being assited by Harshad, Aniruddha and satish students of Whistling Woods Mumbai, MBA batch.
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The first day of the Conference started at 7 AM with a session on Meditation by Sr. B K Usha.  She was giving the techniques of meditation.  She also emphasised on the need for removing negative thoughts from the mind and to fill with the positive thoughts. Such positive thoughts would help to reduce the stress, she added.
The inaugural session started at 10 AM with invocation.  Raja Yogi B K Karuna, Vice Chairman, Media Wing of Brahmakumaris welcomed the augidence.  During his speech, he quoted President Pratibha Patil, who launched the Platinum Jubilee of Brahmakumaris yesterday at Delhi.

Now Harshad from Whistling Woods reporting live from Mount Abu

Prof Kamal Dixit[National Co-ordinator Society of Media Initiative for values] gave brief introduction about the seminar and mentioned successful campaign of Anna Hazare.Later Ganesh Vndana by Raju Bhai and Group,then

B.K.Omprakash[Chairperson,Media Wing Indore] explained the objective of the conference,to understand oneself and mentioned Dadi Jankiji as source of inspiration to all.

B.K.NIRWAIR [Secretary General,Bramhakumaris] shared nice thaughts in his Adressal he mentioned article in Speeking Tree,Times of India how they have explained exact difference between Spirituality and Politics.And also said Spirituality brings peace and lack of sprituality brings corruption

Irffan Khan [Formar Director Corp Comm HUL,Mumbai] in his addressal he said if we want to save India from everything one has to be strong enough to handle any circumstances.

Rajeev Ranjan Nag [Editor India News] He explained how channels have changed chasing the TRP ratings.He quoted recent example of Indian Prime Minister addressing the media on 2G scam,he said at the same time wellknown actress Rakhi Sawant was addressing the media,some of the channels in order to gain mileage of TRP ratings shifted from PM's press conference to Rakhi Sawant show.

Rajyogini Dr. B.K.Dadi Janakiji
95 year old Dadi Janakiji in her innaugeral address expressed the concern of increase in corruption in all segments.She also expressed the concern that Small things are made big and Big things are made Small by media,now media has to play a positive role in the development of society.Inaugural session ended with B.K Chandrakala proposing vote of thanks.


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