Sunday, March 03, 2013

Demand for total prohibition by NGOs and Politicians

In the recent days, voices demanding total prohibition is increasing in Tamilnadu.  It is because in Tamilnadu, out of 6 crores of population, one crore people is in the habit of taking liquor.  The Government is earning a revenue of around Rs.25,000 crores, constituting approximately 25 to 30% of State revenue.

Tamilnadu is the only state in India where liquor is sold through the Government owned retail outlets TASMAC.  Two decades back, the Schools and Colleges were run by the Government, while the liquor shops were run by private licensees.  Now, the scene is reverse with Educational Institutions run by licensees and the liquor shops run by the Government directly.  

Since the Government is running the retail liquor shops with bar, even those who felt shy to take liquor in the earlier decades are now visiting proudly these Government owned liquor shops to take drinks.  Because of the increase in the drinking habits, large number of dalit families are affected badly.  Liquor habit spoils the health of the person also.  Mor ethan 60% of the road accident occur due to drunken driving.  

In the past few months, many of the NGOs and some of the political parties have started the movement against the liquor and demanding total prohibition in the State.

One Mr Sasi Perumal, a Gandhian from a village near Salem is on fast for the past 33 days (as on 3rd March 2013) demanding total prohibition.

All India Prohibition Council and many of the Gandhians organised National Conference at Thakkar Bapa Vidyalaya, Chennai (the Vidyalaya founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1933 for the poor and downtrodden).  Representatives from all the States participated.  Gandhian Mr Mahavir Thyagi, Secretary of the All India Prohibition Council and former Minister in Gujarat Government was the star attraction of the Conference.  

Many of the NGOs and Political leaders participated and shared their views, in the day long Conference.  At the end of the Conference, a resolution was passed requesting total prohibition in the country.  All India Prohibition Council is now working on the Action Plan for imposing total prohibition in all the States.  

A mention has to be made about Mr Annamalai, Gandhian and Director of Gandhi Study Centre at Thakkar Bapa Vidyalaya.  Mr Annamalai and his team planned this Conference meticulously, including the time management.  

Please see some of the pictures during the event.

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