Sunday, September 18, 2011

National Media Conference 2011 - Second Day - Plenary Session 180911

Live Blogging By Satish Surve(Media Trainee)
The second day session started at 10.30am with plannery session on the theme Challenges and Opportunities before Modern Mass Media
Mr. B K Sushant (Natinal Co-ordinator Media Wings Delhi) felt the soft skills need to improve among the media persons.he is saying there are some good and bad things in media but we have to select what will be benefited for us.
there are people who things that to be in media there is nessesity  of English 
language and every language has its own power.

Dr.C V Narasimha
(Former Director,Information and PR,Govt Of A.P.,Hydderabad)
During independence media role was vital,now media becomes business,false occupations they manipulate news for business,political interference is much more Dr.Narasimha Reddy was saying about there dream where they saw golden triangle which having three pillars. humanity is depending upon three pillars govt.,media and god,when this three pillars will work properly india will be punyabhumi.there will be love, peace and value.

Prof.Ujjwal K. Choudhary
(Dean, Whistling Woods School of Communication,Mumbai.)
He quoted its good to includes spiritual things in media but we have to concentrate on main stream media. He also said how media is engaged in cricket, crime, celebrity and cinema. lets look insight people changing their view toward media the good eg. is Anna Hajre campaign. After 15-20 years media become now multidimensional called an user generated media,we have to find good things in today's media.

Mr. Ravindra Bastola
(Editor,Pakhra Awaj Daily,Pokhra,Nepal)
He urged for freedom of press. He discussed about terrorist issues saying people should unite and fight against challenges. Media should play the role  shaping the society.

Session ended with Guided Meditation by B K Vimla.

live  blogging team,
K.Srinivasan, Satish Surve, Aniruddha Kulkarni, Harshad Wadadekar.


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