Saturday, November 22, 2008

First edition PRCamp - UnConference at Chennai

Who can participate

Chennai PR Club and Prime Point Foundation(supported by Public Sector PR Forum) propose to organise a PRCamp Edition1 - UnConference on Sunday the 14th December 2008 at Chennai. In the concept of UnConference, audience becomes the speaker and vice versa.

Public Relations, Corporate Communication professionals, PR and communication students, teachers, journalists who want to enter Corpcom domain and Corporate CEOs may also register the names.

The venue is at Tenth Planet, 6th Floor, 807, Anna Salai, Chennai (opp. to LIC building) . This will be one-day UnConference from 10 am to 5 pm.

Registration of participants

The themes are decided by the audience and every one of the participant can share the views. Those who are interested to participate, may kindly register their names and contact details and how they will contribute to this UnConference.


We need atleast 5 to 10 moderators who will be moderating the sessions. Participants who are interested to be moderators, may also register their names.

Themes for discussions

Please suggest various themes/ topics for discussions.


We need sponsors for hall, lunch, etc. The sponsors can display their banners in the hall. Those who are interested to sponsor the event, may kindly enter the details or contact Srinivasan at 94440 50273.


Or please click 'edit' against the relevant title and then add the entries. Please do not forget to 'save page' after adding your information.

There is no participation fee. It is abolutely free. PRCamp needs only your knowledge and not your money.

Please register your name and other details by clicking the following wiki

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