Sunday, August 24, 2008

Live from Olympics 2008 - Gym & Massage Parlour for Journalists

Mr S Sukumar, Photo Journalist reports from Beijing Olympics 2008:

The Media Professionals around the Globe now in Beijing have to keep their nose to the grind stone. May be they have to work for about 20 hours a day, since venues of the sports events are spread out through out Beijing. One cannot cover all events taking place at one time hence they have to pick and choose the sports events they are interested as well their country is participating. Even though the Media Transport system is available round the clock it will take hours to reach certain venues like Rowing, Boxing etc. Inside Beijing itself. For Sailing Competitions one has to go out of BEIJING.

The Media professionals could not get time to attend to their personal work hence Hair Cutting Saloon, Gym & Fitness Centre with latest equipment, Massage parlour, Library etc are provided inside the Main Press Centre Complex.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Live from Olympics 2008 - Indian Ambassador to China honours Indian Media

Mr S Sukumar, Chennai based Photo Journalist reports from Beijing Olympics 2008

Indian Ambassador to China Ms Nirupama Rao hosted a party to all Indian media persons & athletes in Marriot hotel in Beijing. Shri Suresh Kalmadi the president of Indian Olympics Association (2nd from left)& his wife seen with media professionals of India during party at Marriot hotel, Beijing.

S.Sukumar, Photo Journalist & other Media members are seen with the Indian Ambassador Ms Nirupama Rao

The IOA (Indian Olympic Association) hosted a party exclusively for the journalists and photographers of India in Beijing Taj pavilion restaurant. The extraordinary arrangements done by Mr Sandeep Metha, Chief PRO of IOA and the immaculate & unimaginable service provided by Shri Deepak Patel, Restaurant Manager (2nd from right, 2nd row) need to be appreciated. . The party was well attended by all the journalists in spite of their busy schedules. The President and General Secretary of the IOA Shri Kalmadi and Shri Raja Randhir Singh were also present.

The Restaurant Manager Deepak Patel with his Staff members. (Chinese Girls dressed in Punjab style)

Liender Paes is seen with Sandeep Metha the Chief PRO of Indian Olympic Association

Sunday, August 17, 2008

M B Jayaram gets IMM Excellence Award 2008

2008 IMM Award for Excellence, of Institute of Marketing & Managemen was conferred to Mr M B Jayaram, Chairman Emirates of Public Relations Council of India (PRCI) as the 'Best Public Relations Person of the year'. In a function organised by IMM at Delhi on 14th August 2008, Dr.A.R.Kidwai Governor of Haryana presented the Excellence awards to Mr Jayaram.

Media facilities at Olympics 2008

Mr S Sukumar, Chennai based Photo Journalist reports from Beijing Olympics 2008 :

I shall write about the media hotels, media massage center, media saloon, media gym and fitness centers provided exclusively for the World media persons in Beijing.

Beijing Olympics organising committee has approved some good Hotels in Beijing who are providing all the facilities to the journalists and visiting spectators from around the globe.

Here in Beijing the Olympics is celebrated like Deepavali in India. Hotels are decorated; visiting journalists and spectators are picked up from the airport.

The journalists and visitors are provided with 24 hours internet service free and big screen to view the Olympics games.

The above pictures shows the journalists updating their laptops with the current ongoing games thro the monitors of hotel Zaoyuanju - Hutong inn hotel.

A hotel called 'hutong inn', also known hotel Zaoyuanju is providing all facilities to visiting journalists and spectators. Tickets are being sold at the hotel venue.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Live Photos from Olympics 2008 - Food Court and Media Work Station

Mr S Sukumar, Photo Journalist has sent the following pictures from Beijing, China.

Food Court for Media persons

Media Work Stations

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Live report from Olympics 2008 - Food Court for Media persons

Mr S Sukumar, Photo Journalist of (Chennai, India) reports from Beijing, China:

The media people viz. the journalists & photographers have been provided with 24 hours work facility in 2 floors in an unimaginably huge halls.

A huge Food Court for the Media is being maintained by Mc Donand, with international food, beverages, coffee, tea etc available to every media person.

Especially a Pure Vegetarian like me "PAZHAYA SADAM" (cooked rice soaked in water) is also available apart fromwhite rice & vegetable rice. I have been provided with curd also every day as a very special case by the chief Chef from inside his kitchen.

These arrangement is being made by a Lady called MS. MOUNA who has been assigned the task of providing Curd every day. As you are well aware a south Indian cannot live without Curd Rice which ultimately cools our body system.


Saturday, August 09, 2008

Olympic Games 2008 - Day 1 - Press Centre

Mr Seshadri Sukumar, a Photo Journalist from Chennai, india reports exclusively for our blog from the Olympic village at China.

His report on the Day 1

It was too late yesterday. when I finished my work. it was 3.30 am

The media persons are well attended in Beijing. There are about 5900 journalists working in Beijing for their respective news papers of various countries. Managing this particular journalists population is very difficult, because the Journalists/photojournalists are always specious and argumentative.
Many Media Work Stations are provided in the Main Press Centre and all these are fully occupied by journalits to send their reports/photos. Kodak has a separate work stataion which they offer free for the Journalits/photographers. The speed of the Internet is superb
without which the photographs with high resolutions cannnot be transmitted immediately.
It is a nice experience meeting all the Photo Journalists/Journalists of various country at one place. Most of the faces are very familier, since I have been meeting them in similar
international games abroad.
(In the photograph, Seshadri Sukumar is seen standing in front of the Main Press Centre at Beijing)

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