Monday, October 25, 2010

Podcasting - an alternate media: A session by a journalist group 'Sigaram'

K. Srinivasan making
presentation on Podcasting
Around 50 journalists from print and broadcast media have joined together at Chennai (India) to form an informal group 'Sigaram' (meaning 'Peak' in English).  Through Sigaram,  they want to create awareness about the positive development  journalism and also to update the skills of journalists to suit the modern requirements.  Sigaram was formed three months back.  Mr Jana (Jaya TV), Mr Anantha Padmanabhan (Kalaignar TV), Mr Veda Sridhar (Freelancer) and few others have taken initiative to create this forum. Every month, they invite one expert to share the views and to enhance their skills. 
The organisers invited me to address their members on 24th October 2010 on "Podcasting - An alternate media".  In the session spanning over two hours, I focussed on the following:
1.  Though freedom of press and expression is being talked i high pitch, in reality, freedom of expression in main line media is more market driven and for fear of losing advertisement and market, mainline media owners do not allow their journalists full freedom.  I also quoted some examples of some instances, which were not reported by any mainline media, but got circulated only in social media.  This phenomenon has created more importance to social media and citizen journalism.
2.  I also focussed on the emergence of podcast as a powerful supplementary and alternate media to mainline media.  I also quoted and screened some of the podcasts, which were picked by mainline media. 
3.  I also explained how a podcast could be created and uploaded using simple tools, without any expenditure.
The programme was held in Jayagopal Garodia Vivekananda Vidyalaya, Anna Nagar. 
Around 30 Senior  journalists attended the programme.  
Mr Jana, President of Siigaram can be contacted at nellaijana@gmail.comPlease see the pictures.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

India's global leadership in nuclear energy discussed in PSPR Forum

Dr M R Srinivasan, Former Chairman,
Atomic Energy Commission
Public Sector Public Relations Forum (PSPR Forum) organised a programme on 8th October 2010 at the newly inaugurated Anna Centenary Library at Chennai. Former Atomic Energy Commission Chairman Dr M R Srinivasan spoke on the India's leadership in nuclear energy sector and the importance of nuclear energy in the development of the nation. Dr Srinivasan is also presently the member of Atomic Energy Commission. 
The programme was held in the newly built Anna Centenary Library, which was inaugurated last month.  This new-gen library houses more than 12 lakhs books and is the seocnd largest hi-tech library in Asia, next to Singapore.  
Public Sector PR Forum was launched in 1995, to bring together all the Communication professionals of the Public Sector organisations operating in Tamilnadu.  Over a period of 15 years, the Forum has contributed significantly to create communication awareness among the Public Sector organistions.  
The contributions made by the Advisor Mr Hariprasad (Chennai Port Trust),   President Mr S Ansar Shah (Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd) and the Secretary Mr Vaidyanathan (UCO Bank) in the growth of this Forum is highly significant.  Now that, both President and Secretary have retired from their services, the batons have now been handed over to a new team headed by Mr Vaidynathan (Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd).  Mr Daniel Chellappa (Atomic Energy Commission) will be the new Secretary and Mr Ravi (Tamilnadu Tourism Corporation) will be the Joint Secrertary.  We wish the new team a great success.  
Please watch the photographs of the event and the new-gen library.

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