Thursday, June 10, 2010

Use social media tools for building customer relations and marketing

Photo and story courtesy: The Hindu Businessline
Our Bureau Chennai, June 9
The effective use of social media tools can help to improve customer relations and marketing, according to Mr K. Srinivasan, Editor of ezine, PReSense, and Podcast magazine, PodUniversal.

While delivering a lecture on ‘Presentation skills' at a BL Club event held at the Priyadarshini College of Engineering, Nellore, he said corporate professionals needed to develop good presentation skills that would be needed both internally and externally. The idea was to convey the message to the audience in as brief a manner and with as much clarity as is possible, he said in his address to the MBA students of the institution.
As a social media evangelist, Mr Srinivasan added that the emergence of social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, ezines and podcasts had changed the style and method of communication globally. A message that was earlier communicated in 1,000 words was now presented in 100 words. These social media tools provided companies a number of opportunities to present their products and services to a larger audience quickly.
“If professionals learn the techniques of these tools and use them for their presentations effectively, they can reach a wider audience and improve their business. The effective use of key words would also help the search engines. In fact, these tools are a great boon for marketing professionals. Unfortunately such tools are not properly used for marketing purposes in India due to a lack of knowledge,” he said.


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