Monday, August 04, 2014

Encouraging innovators - RAIF way

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Foundation (RAIF), a Chennai based NGO is silently encouraging the innovators at national level since 2013.  RAIF founded by Kris Kumar and Sukruti Vadula last year has been organising competitons among the school children across the country on 'robotic themes'.  Within few weeks of their founding, the founders were able to rope in Indian Institute of Technology (Madras), Anna University and US Embassy as their partners to conduct the competition and talks, besides many experts as their advisors. 

Sukruti Vadula, President of RAIF says, "School children have more innovative skills than the senior level students.  Even IIT Professors were amazed by their talents.  They need hand holding to bring out their talents".
That was why RAIF started targeting the school children and organised competition to showcase their innovation in 'robots' in 2013.  Around 5000 school children witnessed the grand finale held at IIT Madras.  

From this year, they have started the series of seminars titled 'RAIF TALKS' by inviting eminent speakers on various aspects of innovation.  They are inviting the students from schools and colleges who want to innovate to interact with these experts.

Speakers at RAIF TALKS at IIT Madras on 5th July 2014 with Founders
Speakers at RAIF TALKS at IIT Madras on 5th July 2014  with Founders
On 5th July 2014, RAIF TALK was held at IIT Madras on the theme 'Invasion through Innovation'.  Many experts, including innovators talked on various aspects of innovation.  We are sharing two videos for the benefit of youngsters.  For more details contact

Inspiring and exciting talk by Prof. L S Ganesh, Management Professor of IIT Madras (Former Dean of IIT)

Another inspiring speech by Prof. R Jagannathan (Former Vice Chancellor of Middle East University, UAE)

The photographs taken during the RAIF TALKS held at IIT Madras on 5th July 2014

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Be ware and be aware of social media risks

Prime Point Srinivasan addressed the members of Junior Chamber International India - Madras Marina on 5th Apri 2014 on the topic "Be ware and be aware of social media risks".  

During the presentation, Srinivasan emphasised the need for safe use of internet and social media tools.  He quoted some of the interesting case studies.  He  explained some sections of the Information Technology Act 2000, like Section 66A.

During the talk, Srinivasan insisted every one, particularly young girls,  not to share their personal information in the public domain.  He  quoted some of the cases in which  the young girls were victimised because of their casual approach.  He emphasised the need for using strong passwords and maintaining the secrecy of such passwords.

Srinivasan quoted the examples of 'confession pages' that are popular among students.  Some of the students without knowing the consequences were maligning others, he said.  In many cases, the victims had gone to police authorities. Srinivasan said that the offender could be arrested immediately punished upto 3 to 5 years of imprisonment.    

Srinivasan cautioned all the social media users to use the social media properly without infringing on the rights of others. He also insisted not to become addict to the social media.

In the concluding remark, Mr Prabhakaran, President of JCI India Madras Marina suggested that everybody can keep away from social media one day a week, to avoid being addicted.  

The photos taken during the event (Photo courtesy: Hari Balaji 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Seven steps to overcome challenges of business communication

Seven steps to overcome challenges of business communication - presentation by prime point srinivasan at Sathyabama University on 25th Feb 2014
Prime Point Srinivasan made a presentation on 'Seven Steps to overcome the challenges of business communication' at Sathyabama University, Chennai on 25th Feb 2014. The programme is part of 'Power lecture series' of the University. Under this series, the University invites experts from different fields to share their views with the students.  This is the brain child of Mrs Mariazeena Jhonson, the Director of the University.

Around 700 interested students drawn from the engineering and management courses attended the lecture.

During the presentation, Prime Point Srinivasan through interaction with audience ascertained the various challenges the students faced in writing and speaking.  Then, he walked through seven steps of overcoming these challenges.  He also emphasised the need for practising 'active listening' and 'reading habits'.  He  insisted that the students should practise writing and speaking skills on a day to day basis, instead of looking only during the needed time.

Srinivasan explained as to how the social media tools like facebook and twitter have spoiled the writing skills of the youth. He suggested the students to start writing blogs frequently on any subject of their choice, so that they could develop good writing skills.  He advised the students not to get obsessed with social media all the time.  

Prof. Lakshmi, Head of the Computer Science Department coordinated the event.  Please download the power point presentation.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tenth International Public Relations Conference at Iran on 'Integrated PR'

10th International PR Conference at Iran 13th Jan 2014 - (Inset) Prime Point Srinivasan addressing through skype
10th International PR Conference at Iran 13th Jan 2014 - (Inset) Prime Point Srinivasan addressing through skype
Tenth international conference on public relations was held at Tehran on 13th and 14th Jan 2014 at the Department for Education and Research of Iran’s Foreign Ministry.

Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati. Mohammad-Mehdi Mazaheri was the chairman of the conference and launched the conference with his opening speech.  Mehdi Baqerian, secretary-general of the conference and many communication experts shared their views.  Around 600 professionals participated in the Conference. 

I had the honour of addressing this Conference from Chennai (India)  through 'skype' on the topic "Integrating social media into PR strategies'.  My presentation was translated into Persian language simultaneously by a translator at their end.  The presentation was well received by the audience. 

My presentation and the photos sent by the organisers are embedded below.

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