Saturday, December 11, 2010

Convergence of print and web media - A discussion

Adiya Sinha, Sudarshan, K. Srinivasan
All India Radio, Chennai broadcast a discussion programme on 9th December 2010 on the topic "Print and Web".  Mr Aditya Sinha, Editor in Chief of New Indian Express and K. Srinivasan, Chairman of Prime Point Foundation participated in the discussion.  
In this programme, both discussed about the convergence of print and web media.  
The programme was produced by Mr Sudarshan of All India Radio.
Please listen to the audio (13 minutes) by clicking the 'play' button. The streaming of the audio will be comfortable in broadband connections.  If streaming is not smooth, you may also download the audio (12 mb) by right clicking this link and saving the file in mp3 format to your desktop.

This audio may also be listened from the following link.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

All India Radio trains their producers to attract youth

K. Srinivasan addressing
the participants
Staff Training Institute of Prasar Bharathi, Bhubaneshwar organised a five-day workshop for the producers of All India Radio (AIR), drawn from various states.  The workshop was held at the studios of All India Radio, Chennai.  The focus of the workshop was to discuss the strategies of packaging programmes for youth, to attract more youth towards AIR.  The course was designed and conducted by Ms Rashmi Pradhan, Deputy Director of the Institute.
While, all the private broadcasters focus mostly on entertainment and sensationalism, AIR has been silently producing and broadcasting many useful and innovative programmes for the benefit of all sections of the society.  Presently, we talk about tele-conferencing in the broadcast media.  I know personally well, way back in 1978 or 1979, All India Radio, Chennai organised an innovative live discussion programme simultaneously with the people on ship, plane and ground, using the then available technology. At that time, all the media appreciated the efforts of AIR and Dr Sridhar, then young producer  of AIR for this innovative  programme. 
As public broadcaster, they have large infrastructure, skills, technology, etc.  But very unfortunately, due to various reasons, they are not able to compete with the private broadcasters and have lost leadership  over the decade.  They need to re-package their excellent programmes, to reach the young audience. 
With this background, the five-day workshop organised by Prasar Bharathi is significant to train their producers to re-orient themselves and to compete with the new generation broadcasters.  
I was invited to talk on 3rd December 2010,  on the theme, "internet radio and podcasting".  In my talk, i was focussing on the current trend in the internet growth and how AIR can make use of the internet through streaming and also through archiving their programmes.  
If All India Radio management changes their century old mindset and adopt the  policy of using the modern technologies properly, they can give a run for the private broadcasters.  With more than 80 years of broadcasting experience, AIR can do wonders.  
Please watch the photo stream.

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