Monday, July 18, 2016

"Role of Parliamentarians"- Talk by Prime Point Srinivasan

Dr Sridharan (Fomrer Parliamentarian), Prime Point Srinivasan and G Narayanaswamy (President, Rajaji Centre)
Dr Sridharan (Fomrer Parliamentarian), Prime Point Srinivasan and G Narayanaswamy (President, Rajaji Centre)
Rajaji Centre for Public Affairs organised a talk by Prime Point Srinivasan on "Role of Parliamentarians" on Sunday the 17th July 2016.  Many eminent persons like Shri B S Raghavan (Former IAS Officier and who served with Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru), Shri G Narayanaswamy (famous Chartered Accountant and President of Rajaji Centre) and Dr Sridharan (Former Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha Member) were also present.

Prime Point Srinivasan explained the functioning of the Parliament and the constitutional responsibilities of both the Houses.  He also compared how Parliamentarians can participate in the proceedigns of the House under various opportunities.  He also compared the performance of 15th Lok Sabha and the present Lok Sabha under different parameters.

The power point presentation is embedded here for the benefit of public.

The photos taken during the occassion are:

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Internet and Social Media for education purposes - Presentation by Prime Point Srinivasan

Participants from Bangladesh at NITTTR, Chennai
Participants from Bangladesh at NITTTR, Chennai
National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research, Chennai (Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India) has organised a four week programme to the engineering faculty members and civil service officials of Bangladesh Government. 

Prime Point Srinivasan addressed the participants on how to leverage internet and social media for education purposes.  He shared as to how Wikipedia, Blogs and Podcasts can be of great use for education purposes. He also suggested them to start their own blogs and share their thoughts.  

NITTTR had provided laptop and internet connectivity to all the participants.  Dr. Brazendranath Sarkar, one of the participants created a blog on the spot for himself.  Some of them expressed their eagerness to create podcasts.  

The programmed is organised with the help of External Affairs Ministry.   The participants expressed their happiness about the stay at Chennai and the friendly attitude of people here.  

Dr Malliga is coordinating this programme.  NITTTR is a specialised Institution under HRD Ministry to train the Technical Teachers across the nation.  They also train the professionals from foreign countries.  

The presentation

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

"Shed I know it all attitude"- Prime Point Srinivasan

While inaugurating the ICTCON'16 (Information, Communication and Technology Conference 2016) at Saveetha Engineering College, Chennai, Prime Point Srinivasan advised the students to go for innovation, to make India strong at global level.  

"Though Indians have very great capability and knowledge of global standards, India has not brought out any global product like Microsoft or Adobe.  Many Indians are working behind these products.  At global level, India is at 81st position in the Innovation index.  Hence, Indian students should innovate more and patent their products. The main problem with Indian youth is the lack of self confidence.  They should realise their potential and work hard to achieve greater heights.  They should not give up with initial failures", he said.

He pointed out that another main hurdle was the 'I know it all attitude' amongst the corporates and many entrepreneurs.  Because of this attitude, he said, that many organisations were not able to compete at global level.  In the days of specialisation, the companies or organisations should approach the experts in the domain for guidance and support, instead of assuming that they have a better capability than the experts.  He also quoted the example of Dharmaputra playing dice alone with Sakuni, when Duryodhana invited him to play dice.  Dharmaputra, instead of playing himself, should have invited Krishna to play against Sakuni.  The attitude of Dharmaputra that he could manage Sakuni alone, without seeking the expert advice of Krishna, had led to lot of crisis, Srinivasan added.

During this Conference, 51 papers were selected for presentation.  The best paper award was received by Vimal Jenifer SJ and Naveen Kumar, University College of Engineering, Tindivanam.  They had presented a paper on "Clinical decision support system for classifying chronic kidney disease using data mining technologies".  

This National Conference was organised by the Department of IT of the College under the guidance of Dr Ganesh (Principal) and Mr Vijayaraj (HOD).  The entire faculty team enthusiastically participated.

Some of the photos

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Branding challenges for start up companies - Discussion at Chennai

Salin Amanda Louis speaks - Prime Point Srinivasan looks on
Salin Amanda Louis speaks - Prime Point Srinivasan looks on
Green India, a Chennai based NGO founded by Prasanna Venkatesan (Chartered Accountant) and V Ravi organised a Seminar at Chennai on the theme of  'Make in India - Start up Companies' on 26th March 2016.  Many experts from Technology, Finance, Investment, Audit, Tax Laws shared their views.

Prime Point Srinivasan  spoke on 'Branding Challenges for Start up companies'. During his talk, he was critical about the existing and new companies who never gave importance to the branding and communication strategies.  He expressed that the amount of importance given to technology, law, finance, etc was not given to communication.  "The companies should package their performance, so that their marketability goes up.  The mantra should be 90% performance and 10% packaging through communication techniques, i.e. branding", he said.

Prime Point Srinivasan also said that many of the Indian companies were suffering from 'I know it all syndrome'.  The CEOs never approached the right professionals for communication and hence, they were unable to plan proper strategies.  

Prime Point Srinivasan was assisted by Salin Amanda Louis, Co-Founder of Persona, a branding and leadership strategy firm.  

"What one needs to understand is that Branding is strategic and marketing is tactical.  Many Indian companies focus a lot on the product but fail to brand and communicate the product with the right message to the right audience using the right tools at the right time." Salin Amanda said.  She elaborated the importance of right message, right audience, right tool and right time with her own experience.  She quoted the example of a company, who did not care for the advice of the consultant, later lost heavy market to their competitor who implemented the right strategy in right time.  She was repeatedly insisting on the 'right time' to implement communication strategies.  

She also added that Branding was often mistaken for advertising which was not the case. Branding was the theme/concept while advertising was just a tool to convey the concept. 

She concluded by saying that in the current changing environment, only 'specialists' could make an impact than the 'Generalists'.  

Picture courtesy : Sridhar

Friday, March 25, 2016

Soka Ikeda College organises Business Communication workshop for PG students

Soka Ikeda College of Arts and Science for women, Chennai organised two-days workshop  on 'Business Communication' to benefit the first year Post Graduate students.  Around 45 first year PG students of Commerce, HR and Social work departments participated in the workshop.  Prime Point Srinivasan was the workshop leader. Smt. Sujatha, HOD of Commerce Department coordinated the workshop effectively.

The participants were exposed to the fundamentals of communication, non verbal communication, writing skills and presentation skills.  Ten students made presentations on the given topic and they were reviewed.

This College is part of Sethu Bhaskara Group of educational Institutions.  This group has 12 colleges with 14,000 students.  Dr Sethu Kumanan, Chairman of the group gives lot of support to the poor students in all the institutions.  

Interestingly, Dr Sethu Kumanan himself attended few sessions, symbolically showing the importance of communication sessions.  Dr R Jagannathan, President of the Managing Committee also participated in most of the sessions.

The workshop was inaugurated by Shri V Kamaraja IPS (Retd), Former Addl. DGP of Haryana.  Valedictory address was given by Dr Sornam, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Madras University.  Dr Sornam distributed the Certificates.

At the beginning of the workshop on the first day, two students Subashree and Saranya expressed their difficulties in making presentation due to fear and lack of organising ability.   During the course of workshop, they were given lot of opportunities to make good presentation. Interestingly, these two girls proposed vote of thanks during the valedictory session and shared their experience fluently with audience.  

All the participants realised that they had lot of potentiality in them, which needed to be brought out with full of self confidence.  

Please watch some of the photographs

Monday, February 08, 2016

Business Communication workshop at Sethu Bhaskara Agricultural College

Prime Point Srinivasan (extreme left) and Dr R Jagannathan (extreme right) helping a student to make a good presentation
Prime Point Srinivasan (extreme left) and Dr R Jagannathan (extreme right) helping a student to make a good presentation
Sethu Bhaskara Agricultural College and Research Foundation, Kalam Kair village (Near Karaikudi) organised a Two Days workshop on 'Business Communication'.  This being the first year of operation for the College, the Management decided to impart the importance of 'Business Communication' in the first year itself for the students, so that they can improve their employability skills before they complete their graduation.  

Keeping this concept in mind, a two day module was framed to improve the communication skills of the first year students.  The workshop was held on 6th and 7th Feb 2016 at the College premises itself.  Around 60 students participated.  Though most of the students came from rural background with Tamil Medium education, they showed keen interest in developing their communication skills.  Though they had fear and hesitation at the initial stage, they enthusiastically participated in discussions and in presentations.  

Prime Point Srinivasan conducted the two day crash course.  Dr R Jagannathan, (Former Vice Chancellor of Middle East University and American Medical University, West Indies), one of the Management Committee Members actively took part on both the days.

Dr Thirupathy of Apollo Hospitals, Karaikudi gave valedictory address and presented the certificates.  Some of the students, who were hesitating to speak due to stage fear, boldly came forward to showcase their presentation skills during valedictory event.  

Though the workshop was held on holidays like Saturday and Sunday, involvement and enthusiasm shown by the students,  teaching and non teaching staff, including the hostel employees and the drivers were highly praise worthy.

Some of the photos taken during the event.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New Trust formed to support in 'Hearing Health care''and 'Learning disability' at Puducherry

Prof. N D Rajan, a senior and well known Audiologist and some of his professional colleagues have launched a new Trust 'Bharat Educational & Social Charitable Trust (BEST)' on 24th Jan 2016 at Puducherry.

For the first time in India, this Trust will honour the Audiologist professionals across the nation for their best research papers and innovations in the field.

This Trust will also address the issues relating to 'Learning disability'among the school children.  Studies reveal that nearly 10% of the school going children in India are affected because of 'Learning disability'.  It is a hidden disability and these children can perform better in many other areas, if they are properly guided by the parents and teachers.

Dr N K Majumdar, a well known ENT surgeon of Puchucherry and Dr. R Jagannathan, Former Vice Chancellor of American Medical University, St. Locia, West Indies inaugurated the Trust.  Prime Point Srinivasan released the brochure and delivered a speech on 'Safe use of internet'.

Prof. N D Rajan can be reached at

Their website is

You can listen to the speech of Prime Point Srinivasan in Tamil

Please also see some of the photographs.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Former Police Officers of 1976 batch organise seminar on 'Community Policing' at Chennai

Prime Point Srinivasan speaking on 'Community Policing'
Prime Point Srinivasan speaking on 'Community Policing' . C Sridhar IPS (third from left), Additional Commissioner of Police, Chennai looking on
Former Police Officers of 1976 batch (FoPs1976), an active body of the retired Police Officers at Chennai organised a seminar on 'Community Policing' on Sunday the 10th Jan 2016 at Dr MGR Janaki College, Chennai.  Shri C Sridhar IPS, Additional Commissioner of Police, Chennai was the Chief Guest.  Prime Point Srinivasan was the main speaker.

While addressing the audience, Prime Point Srinivasan explained about the online survey conducted by him two days earlier in order to understand the views of general public.  He mentioned that he got 72 quality responses from different age group and gender through net.  He also mentioned that the average trust shown by the general public on the Police was 45, which was neither too low or high.  That means, the general public (online) had a reasonably a good trust on the Police system.  However, he mentioned that there was a large gap between the Police and the general public.

While the respondents appreciated the good work and commitment shown by the Police force during the recent rains and floods, Srinivasan added that public crticised the Police for corruption, bad behaviour, arrogance, treatment to the public inside the station, etc.  Srinivasan also added that respondents perceived that the Police had nexus with politicians and criminals.  

Giving out the reasons for such perception, Srinivasan, explained that due to the large gap between the Police and the Public, good works done by the Police did not get reflected in the perception and only the bad things are highlighted.  Further he felt that many of the field level Policemen were handling only the criminals during the most part of their time, unlike other professionals, these Policemen get into the same mood always and they show bad behaviour on the genuine citizens.  He requested the Police Authorities at top level to continue to give training to the filed level Policemen.

Further Srinivasan said that due to the large gap in the relationship between the Police and the Public,  citizens did not come forward in large numbers to help the Police.  He suggested continuous interaction between the authorities at the regional level and the citizens of that area.  He also suggested the model of 'Neighbourhood Watch Associations', as practised in Australia and other European countries.  

He quoted the example of the work done by Police few years ago with the support of Rotary Club and Action 2020 Team, in which Srinivasan was also involved.  He added that the project could not be taken further, as the Officials were transferred and none showed interest thereafter.  He insisted on the sustainability of any project, involving the citizens. 

Shri C Sridhar IPS, Additional Commissioner said  that people joined the Police force only from the society.  The natural degradation of values in the society also reflected on the people who joined the Police force.  He agreed that regular training to field level police men and interaction with the citizens have to be planned to improve the system.  He  praised the involvement of the members of FoPs1976 to improve the system and to serve the society, even after their retirement.

Shri Ashok Kumar, Former Superintendent of Police and President of FoPs1976 welcomed the gathering.  Shri Balu, Former Addl. Supdt. of Police and Secretary introduced  the 4th edition of their monthly magazine 'Kakkiyin Pakkam'.  Every month, through this magazine, they share the investigation experiences of their members for the benefit of their juniors.  Shri Rajan, Vice President anchored the event.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Rural based Sembodai RV Engineering College starts a Business Communication Club, after a four day workshop

Four days business communication course at Sembodai RV Engineering College
Inauguration of Four days business communication course at
Sembodai RV Engineering College

Sembodai RV Engineering College (Nagapattinam Dt) organised four days workshop on 'Business Communication'. Prime Point Srinivasan conducted the workshop (16th to 19th July 2015) with the support of Dr Jagannathan Ramasawmy (Former Vice Chancellor of Middle East Univeristy). Shri Ponraj Vellaichamy (Scientific Advisor to Dr Abdul Kalam) inaugurated the workshop over phone from Delhi and he stressed the need for improvment of communication skills. Susan Koshy (Former General Manager of IDBI and Communication expert) and Narayanan Sundararajan (Senior official in an IT firm) shared their views from Chennai over phone and interacted with students on the strategies for improvement of communicaiton skills.

The Chairman and Founder of Sembodai RV Engg College Shri Varadharajan was personally present during many of the sessions on all four days. The faulty members took lot of initiative to provide support services. 

During the validictory function, the Chairman of the College Shri Varadarajan launched a google group for the participants to discuss among themselves various tips and strategies to improve communication skills. This initiative will help around 60 students (participants) to improve their skills.

Nearly 100% of the students studying in this college are from rural areas and from poor and lower middle class families. Even for Management quota students, the college charges only the lower fees. For Scheduled caste and Scheduled Tribe students, they provide free transport service during the entire study period of 4 years.

The course was designed and conducted by Prime Point Srinivasan.  Dr R Jagannathan (Former Vice Chancellor of Middle East University, UAE) supported the course.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Dharmapuri MP Dr Anbumani shows the way - Organises Education Loan Awareness programme for bankers and students

Education Loan Awareness Programme at Dharmapuri on 1st June 2015
Dr Anbumani Ramadoss MP (third from left), Prime Point Srinivasan (fourth from left)
Dr Anbumani Ramadoss (Former Union Health Minister and sitting MP of Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu) organised an unique event on 1st June 2015 at Dharmapuri to create awareness about education loan among the students and parents. He had also invited all the local Bank Managers. 

Probably this is the first time, a sitting MP is organising such awareness programme anywhere in India for the benefit of people in his constituency. They made a wide publicity through media, banners and pamphlets.  More than 300 students and parents participated in this event.

Prime Point Srinivasan, Convenor of Education Loan Task Force (ELTF) was the Chief Guest and he delivered a talk on various aspects of Education Loan guidelines.  This event helped to ease the tension between the bankers and the public and to understand each others difficulties.   

Two important things observed was that though Reserve Bank of India and Indian Bank Head Office specifically advised all the banks not to follow 'service area concept' for education loans, Lead District Manager of Indian Bank openly admitted in the meeting that they were following service area concept for their convenience.  However, ELTF has taken up the issue with Indian Bank Head Office.

Secondly, the local State Bank of India has not been granting any education loans presently citing bad debts.  This matter is also being taken up by ELTF with State Bank of India Chairman.

While addressing the gathering, Srinivasan explained the application procedures, eligibility of interest subsidy, grievance redressal mechanism, etc.  
While summing up the views, Dr Anbumani MP said that this programme was more a sensitization programme for both bankers and the students.  He also assuired to take up with Finance Minister the mess up of interest subsidy matter.

This event was an unique event which can be emulated by other MPs and MLAs in their constituencies.  Another important matter which needs 'three cheers' is the total neutrality of the programme.  Though Dr Anbumani is the leader of a big political party, his team ensured that no political colour was given to the event.  

Some of the photos:

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Cyber Society of India bats for Net Neutrality and review of 66A judgement

Cyber Society of India (CySI) seminar on trends in cyber law 25th April 2015 at Chennai
(L to R - Kapaleeswaran, Dr P Vanagamudi, G R Swaminathan and V Rajendran)

Cyber Society of India (CySI) organised a Seminar at Dr MGR Janaki College, Chennai on Saturday the 25th April 2015 on the recent trends in Cyber Laws.  Dr P Vanagamudi, Vice Chancellor, Dr Ambedkar Law University, Tamil Nadu inaugurated the Seminar.   G R Swaminathan, Asst. Solicitar General, Madras High Court (Madurai Bench) delivered Key note address.  Many Senior Lawyers, consumer representatives also shared their views.

The Seminar focussed generally on the recent Supreme Court Judgement on 66A of IT Act and the much debated 'Net neutrality'.  Dr Vanagamudi was in support of the Judgement.  Other speakers Shri G R Swaminathan, Shivakumar (Advocate, Bangalore High court), Sujatha (Consumer activisit) and V Balu (Adocate, Madras High Court) felt that the Supreme Court Judgement was erroneous.  They uniformly felt that this judgement may pose risks to women  They wanted the Government to file a review petition before the Supreme Court.  

Dr B Muthukumaran, Technical expert explained the various aspects of Net Neutrality and emphasised that there should not be discrimination while providing internet connectivity to the consumers.   Even Sujatha also felt that there should be net neutrality and it should not be changed.

The powerpoint presentation made by Dr B Muthukumaran on Net Neutrality.

Photos taken during that occassion.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Retired Police Officers publish ezine to share their investigation experiences

(Mr Anoop Jaiswal IPS, Director General of Police (third from right) 
releasing the print edition of the ezine 'Kakkiyin Pakkam')

The retired Police Officers of 1976 (Direct Sub Inspectors) batch in Tamil Nadu have formed an association by name 'Former Police Officers 1976 Chennai (FoPs76Chennai)  recently.  All the professionals from various organistions, when they retired, they form an association only to keep their contact in tact.  These retired Police Officers decided to document their investigation experiences and case studies for the benefit of their juniors and publish every quarter an ezine (emagazine).  They also named this ezine as 'Kakkiyin Pakkam' (Pages of Police). They will be sharing this ezine through email with all the Police Officers and Police Stations in Tamil Nadu.  In order to make this ezine more meaningful, they have decided to publish in local language Tamil, so that even the constables can avail the advantange.

The print edition of this ezine was launched by Mr Anoop Jaiswal IPS, Director General of Police, USRB, Tamil Nadu in the presence of a galaxy of present and past police officers.  While appreciating the efforts of the retired Police Officers, he also appealed to them to write freely all their experiences, so that the juniors could get the benefit of their wisdom.  Shri Rajendran, Addl DGP and Dr Vanagamudi, Vice Chancellor of Ambekar Law University also felicitated the new initiative.

Prime Point Srinivasan provided the technical support to their Editorial team to bring out this ezine.  He was also honoured by the Director General of Police.

The Associations of retired officers from other organisations like Banks, bureaucracy, etc. can also emulate the example of these Police officers, by documenting their experiences for the benefit of their junior colleagues. 

Congratulations FoPs76Chennai Team! 

The ezine can be downloaded from the link (11 mb in pdf format)

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