Tuesday, October 07, 2008

What is lacking in the banking sector communication in India?

Private sector banks communicate excessively; Public sector 'No communication' and only Chairman centric

Indian Banks Association (IBA) and Consumers Association of India (CAI) organised a Seminar at Chennai on 6th October 2008 on "Rights and Responsibilities of consumers and banks in banking services". Top officials from Reserve Bank of India, Banking Ombudsman, Information Commission, Banking codes and standards of India, IBA and Commercial banks from public and private sector participated in the seminar. From the consumers side, many eminent consumers participated. This is the first time, that consumers and banks are interacting at macro level in India in a large scale.

The entire pre-lunch session was devoted for the banking authorities to speak about their issues, problems and expectations from customers. Post lunch session was devoted to consumers to share their views on their experiences and expectations.

Ms Usha Thorat, Deputy Governor, Reseve Bank of India participated and delivered the valedictory address. (we will be releasing her speech in our next part)

On behalf of the consumers, K. Srinivasan, Founder, Prime Point Foundation delivered a talk on "Communication in Banking services". The script of his speech may be downloaded from the following link (pdf 50k)


Please watch and listen to the podcast - lecture by K. Srinivasan (14 minutes) - Click to play (the podcast needs a broad band of 150 kbps for smooth streaming. In case, the streaming is slow, you may download in your desktop and listen through windows media player)

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