Saturday, September 17, 2011

Media conferance & Exhibition 2011 - Dialogue sessions - 170911

Harshad from Whistling Woods reporting live from Mount Abu with help of Aniruddha and Satish

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Dialogue 1 -Restortion of moral & social values

Rajaesh Rajore [Resident Editor,Dainik Dshonnati,Khamgaon]
He in his addressal said morals come from society we live,art of being happy is to live in good society giving example of Anna Hazare's Campain he also said its duty of media to provide the right information

Dialogue -2
A catalyst for positive change

 B.K Girish [Sr Journalist & Faculty,Value Education,Gyan Sarovar,Mt Abu]
Speaking to the audience he said,there should be positive changes in media,it should play major role against corruption.Media should play role of catalyst.We the people from society have whole right to raise our voice against corruption and we should always be on right path.

Jaikrishna Gour[Editor,Charaibeti & Nano Darshan Magazine,Indore]
He briefly discussed how media is distributed in multimedia.Increase in Technology helped media spread evrywhere,post 82 media started developing,he also said during his time people use to trust what ever written in newspapers but now-a-days its getting dificult to trust the newspapers too.

Dialogue 3
Electronic Media,its Scope & Challenges

Sanjeev Chouhan [Crime Editor News Express Channel,Noida]
Focusing on TRP's he briefly discussed how masala is added to news before telecast.Also he mentioned Freedom of Press and maintaining accuracy is huge task for Press upcoming years.

Ashima Singh Gureja [Ast Prof Dept of media studies Vivekananda Institute,Delhi]
She discussed about scope and challenges in media,talking about electronic media she said electronic media is not only concise its above that,its not only news its beyond has to be focused and concentrate on ideas.Less creativity and media being mirror of stories,whatever media thinks is always not possible are limitations she mentioned.

Satish Kapoor[President Brotherhood Film Festival,New Delhi]
He gave an idea about how difficult it was organising film festival in earlier days due to lack of research and creativity,now due to development in technology we can conduct research, creativity has increased too,so division of work helps makes the work simpler is what he quoted.

Dialogue 4
New media scope and challenges

K.Srinivasan[CEO,Prime point]
He explained the various challenges post by the technology media like social media networks and mobiles and internet sites,he said the time had come that the school teachers and parents realise the importance and create proper awareness among the children on proper use of the new media

B.K.Yashwant[Coordinator,IT & Communication Dept,Bramhakumaris Mt abu]
He explained how Bramhakumari's are using internet media,mobiles and broadcast media successfully for conveying positive messages

Dialogue 5 [Group 1]
Developing PR Code of Conduct

Narsimha Reddi [Former Director,I.T & PR govt of Andhra Pradesh]
He discussed in brief about Code of Conduct for Public Relations
Proffessionalism,Ethics & Personal Ethics.Combination of three make code of conduct.He also said spirituality is more important in PR,love is an external quality of code.

Prof Ujjwal Kumar Choudhary [Dean Whistling Woods International,Mumbai]
He gave an idea of need for ethical presentation of content based information,He quoted "Any bad news is Good news" your intention should be good,then he gave an idea how social networking plays an important role and ended saying Good actions speak about values of your organisation.

Dialogue 5 [Group 2]
New Media and PR

Arun Arora [Senior Vice President,Corporate Communication,Jindal Steel]
He explained with examples how western countries make use of the social networking sites for effective customer relations

Arpita Prashant[Asst prof M.O.P Vaishnav college for women,chennai]
She explained her study on how people perceive media negatively

Madhavan Varadarajan [PR consultant,Chennai]
He emphasised imortance of traditional Public Relations, not withstanding the growth of social media

K.Srinivasan [CEO,Prime Point,Chennai]
He explained with examples how social media is driving the main-line media.He quoted recent example of Anna Hazare's anti corruption movement which was initially promoted by social media and mobile media and later picked up by regional media


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