Sunday, November 22, 2009

Telugu Journalists' Association (TEJOUS) event on Media 2.0

Telugu Journalists' Association (TEJOUS) on 21st November 2009 organised a presentation session at Chennai by K. Srinivasan, Prime Point Foundation on the latest trends in technology media, which is otherwise known as Media 2.0. Mr R Bhagwan Singh, Founder President of TEJOUS and presently Consulting Editor of Deccan Chronicle delivered the key note address and introduced the subject. Gist of the talk is given below the photographs.

K. Srinivasan in his presentation broadly explained the following:

1. Bird's eye view of the growth of internet at global level and specific reference to India.
2. How the traditional mainline media like print and television use the internet
3. Comparison between English papers and Regional language papers (net editions) in their traffic ranking and unique visitors per day.
4. Impact of important events like YSR Reddy accident on the net editions
5. Various types of social media and their emergence in the past one decade
6. How journalists can make use of the social media for their professional needs

We will also publish the power point presentation along with audio shortly as PodMagazine in our PodUniversal site.

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