Sunday, September 19, 2010

National Media Conference 2010 - Podcast Workshop : 190910

Susan Koshy reporting from Mt.Abu.

K.Srinivasan, Editor, PodUniversal, Chennai ( held a workshop on the intricacies of podcasting.

B.K.Shikha coordinated the event.

After a theoretical session about podcasting, Srinivasan demonstrated a live podcasting. B.K.Binny, Manager, Public Relations & Mass Media, Global Hospital, Mt.Abu was invited to give an interview on Stress-free Living. Dr.Sanddhya of Pune was invited from the audience to interview Binny Ji. The interview was recorded in an MP3 recorder.

Kunal Panchal of Mumbai, from the audience did the editing of the recording under the guidance of Srinivasan, for uploading on youtube website.


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