Sunday, September 19, 2010

National Media Conference 2010 - Valedictory Session

K.Srinivasan and Susan Koshy reporting live from Mt.Abu.

The Valedictory function commenced with a welcome dance by a young girl, Akankshya Mishra of Orissa.

The Valedictory Session on the topic "Media Action Plan for a New Social Order" has the following panelists on the dais to talk on it:

Guests of Honour -
S.S.Tripathy, President, All India Small Newspapers Association, Lucknow
Prof.Ujjwal K.Choudhary,Executive Director, School of Communication, Institute of Business and Media, Pune
Prof.Mufti Mohd Haroon Nadvi ji, President, Zamiat - Ulama Hind (Dist.Jalgaon), Jalgaon.

Presentation of Action Plan - B.K.Atam Prakash, National Coordinator, Media Wing, Mt.Abu

Coordinator - B.K.Dr.Savita, Sr.Rajyoga Teacher, Mt.Abu.

The panelists deliberated on the topic and the following media resolution and action plan is proposed:
- restore pre-independence India's media ethics and values in present day journalistic practice and profession.
- enhance media freedom by reverting to its pristine role of guiding and showing right path to human society.
- not treat media as reflector of ills of society
- strengthen and spread culture of development communication.
- discourage sensationalism in mass communication.
- extend media's support to social organisations which aim at integrity.
- support wider usage of cyber media for holistic development of the nation.
- live up to the expectations of Indian democracy, as fourth estate.

The event ends with a vote of thanks by B.K.Gangadhar, Jt.Editor, Om Shanti Media, Mt.Abu.


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