Saturday, September 12, 2009

National Media Conference,09,Day 1, Session 2

Noopur Bapna, Divyaraj Brahmbhatt, and Manjiree Gohad, students of Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, reporting live from Mount Abu.

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The second session of the National Media Conference,09, Mount Abu has started. There are four panels discussing, the 'Role of Media as the Messenger of Peace', simultaneously.


B.K. Urmila says,
"It is impossible to make media a messenger of Peace unless and until we transform ourselves.

Mrs. Usha Sharma, chief Editor, Samay Srijan Times, Delhi emphasised on the need of writings that promote social good.

Mr. Narayan Murthy - Choosy 49 Fortnightly, Delhi put forth the request not to publish any type of work which creates tension and communal disharmony.

Dr. B.L Jalan National Gen. Secretary, Rural Journalist Association of India said Media needs to understand its impact on the masses. News which leads to transformation should be given priority and news imparting 4Cs should take the backseat.
Media is a pictured as a quicksand , sooner we realize better it will be.

Mr. Sukhram Yadav, Senior Editor , Natkhat, Rajbiraj, Nepal
According to him Media is the weapon to change the world. It's responsibility is to educate rather than entertain. Irresponsible journalism will not only destroy lives but the whole nation.

Mr. Tarun Sheth emphasized on purifying minds by being optimistic. To promote progress it is necessary to inculcate good thoughts in minds of people.

Mr. Ramesh Shah, Chairman, Vision True Media Group, Delhi
He stated using various examples that job of Media professionals is not easy. At times news spoil moods and thoughts but they need to be published.

Mr. Ajay Indrekar, News Editor, All India Radio, Ahmedabad
According to Mr. Indrekar Media is the most powerful pillar of the democracy. He spoke about 24 Hour News channels where every bit of news is broadcasted as Breaking News. There is much more ambiguity on the authenticity of both news and source.

B.K. Nirupam says,
"News of positive, moral and educational nature can bring about change in the people."

Dr.S.N.Shukla, Chief Editor,Chikhta Bharat,UP, says,
" Media presents sensational news like murder with different angles. However, constructive incidents are hardly reported. Change in the attitude of the media is the need of the hour. Reach of the media adds to its effectivity."

Mr. Shyam Kumar, Editor Samachar Vaarta,Lucknow says,
"While positive news will help in spreading peace, the importance of reporting the wrongdoings cannot be belittled. It is the awareness about what is happening which can help in establishing peace."


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