Sunday, September 13, 2009

National Media Conference, 09, Day 2, Session 1.

Noopur Bapna, Divyaraj Brahmbhatt and Manjiree Gohad, students of Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, reporting live from Mount Abu.

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Day started on with the discussion on a debatable issue' Press Freedom & Its Social Responsilbility'

Prof. Kamal Dixit, National Coordinator, Media Intitative for Values, Indore said that there is a need to work on social issues without fear and fail.Changing the face of the Nation with our thoughts and potraying them in words is the prime function of all the media professionals.

Prof. Pradeep Mathur, Director, Mass Communication, Jaipur National University, stated the requirement of realizing the true powers of Media. He put forth the idea of starting a training centre for Media trainees at Brahmakumaris.He asked to change our ideologies and appreciate the work of small Newspapers across the country.

Mr. K. Srinivasan CEO, Primepoint, Chennai - He emphasizes the use of internet for social cause. There is a need to discard the negative aspects of internet and use the technology judiciously.

Mr. Madhukar Dwivedi, Editor, Mahamedha Daily, Bhopal emphasized on Principles and ethics. He said that we need to change our thinking and base it on right ideologies.

Mr. N.Seetharama Raju, Veteran Journalist, Hyderabad believes in the values imparted by Mahatma Gandhi.He quotes " The true Function of Journalism is to educate the public Mind, not to shock it with wanted and unwanted impressions." Gandhi advocated strictest adherence to truth in Journalism. It's a thought, which is required to bring about the change. Media should uphold the unity and Integrity of the country and the Democratic and Social values enshrined in the Constitution.It should promote equality, communal harmony and fraternity among people.

Dr. Sanjeev Bhanawat, HOD, Journalist & Mass Communication, Rajasthan University.According to Dr. Sanjeev we are not matured enough to handle the technology. He is unhappy to state the present situtaion where the corporate and commercial purpose is ruling the Media.He says that Press should be free from any type of ownership.He suggests to make a Media Council and train the new generation with a set of values which will build Nation.

Rajyogi B. K Mruthyunjaya, Vice- Chairperson, Education Wing, Mt. Abu thanked all the dignitaries who enlightened the present Media professionals with their own experiences. According to him the main aim of Journalist is to promote the unity and harmony of the society. Media Professionals have the responsibility of guiding the people and society. Criminalization of human ideologies should be stopped.Spirituality and values need to be embedded to promote growth. Negative thoughts need to be controlled and modulated for the good of one's own sake.

Session was brought to end with lots of information and discussion.


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