Saturday, September 12, 2009

National Media Conference,09, Inaugural address

Noopur Bapna and Manjiree Gohad, students of Symbiosis Institute of Media and communication, reporting live from Mount Abu.
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Honourable Minister for Urban development and Housing Nitin Bhai Patel gave the inaugural speech at the National Media Conference, 09 held at the Brahmakumari Shantivan, Mount Abu.
He said that everywhere in the world power and intellect is respected. Media has the power and the intellect. Today India has so many newspapers, channels, magazines,etc. Why?Because media has the power to create awareness. How this power is utilised is in our hands. For e.g, Atoms can be used to create a bomb or, create electricity.  
He suggests that the viewers should make a choice too. The choice of receiving media which is beneficial to them, and shunning the media which serves no purpose. This will automatically lead to a socially aware media.
Media has the  power and authority to get work done. Its media's duty to follow up the work that needs to be undertaken for social welfare.
Media is such a powerful entity that it cannot be controlled or censored.


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