Sunday, September 13, 2009

National Media Conference,09, Day 2, session 3

Noopur Bapna, Divyaraj Brahmbhatt and Manjiree Gohad, students of Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, reporting live from Mount Abu.

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Dialogue-1 Print Media, Positive and Proactive Media for Better Society

Dr. Sanjeev Bhanawat, HOD, Journalism& Mass Comm, Rajasthan University
Shashidhar Bhandari, President, Association of Progressive Journalists of Nepal, KTM
Y.S, Sharma, Freelance Journalist, Karimnagar
Somnath Patil, Jt. Editor, Parivartanaachi Bhumika, Mumbai
Chirantan Brahmachari, Freelance Writer & Columnist, Divya Bhaskar, Ahmedabad.

Chirantan Brahmachari says,

Today media wants to give news that will entertain people and add spice. However, it is not media's fault alone, the audience receives such news with interest. Also media is a part of us, there is no person called the media, thus, till we change media cannot change, and we can change with the help of spirituality.

Y.S.Sharma says,

It is extremely unfortunate, but the media has lost all its ethics today. To regain them, every media aspirant must must be given a code of conduct. They must be taught to follow it, not because it is imposed, but because it will create a positive impact on his work. As far as proactivity is considered, the media today is fast to react, but they are not alert enough to tap a wrongdoing before it occurs. Thus, proactivity needs to be developed.

Shashidhar Bhandari says,

Nepal does not have freedom of press like India does. However, Indian media is also seen working under political influence. The U.S.A is trying to create conflict in Asia by dividing China and India, the two upcoming economic powers of Asia. Shouldn't the media raise a voice against such tactics? Proactive media should not remain a mere concept, it should be brought about in reality as well.

Proactive media requires media professionals who will not bend under pressure and remain faithful to the profession, for this evolution of the mind has to take place and that can happen only with the help of spiritual development.

Dr. Sanjeev Bhanawat, HOD, Journalism & Mass Comm., Rajasthan Univeristy
According to him the way we present News is very important. Any scenes or writings which provoke violence or disharmony should be prohibited. Media should realize its positive power and work on promoting acts like RTI. Positive efforts should be encouraged with the help of Media.

Dialogue II ( IT)

Mr. K. Srinivasan, CEO, Primepoint, Chennai spoke on using Media to our advantage. With the live example of National Media Conference uploaded on web via notes and pictures he emphasized on spreading the word around. Divyaraj and Noopur spoke on their experience of live blogging.

All other eminent speakers emphasized the use of technology to bring about the desired change.

National Round table Conference on the Golden Triangle of PR

Dr. C. V. Narasimha Reddi, Editor, PR Voice, Hyderabad
Spoke on Golden Triangle of PR and Media Ethics that Indian Companies need to follow stating the examples of Enron and Satyam.

Prof Ananya Mehta, Prof Symbiosis Intitute of Media and Communication Pune was of the view that its the ultimate responsibility of the PR professionals to upgrade their standars from being mere agents and become become the true guaridians of the ethics that the stakeholders of an organization expect from the PR professionals.

Mr K.C.Mauli,shared his views and experiences from his personal life and left the audience thinking. His true life experiences shared were a case study to ponder over for all PR professionals.

Day long events were planned to define the role of Media for the betterment of the society and Nation at large. All the dignitaries present emphasized on the power of Media.


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