Sunday, September 28, 2008

Role of Indian Public Sectors and PR in the National building

Mr S Anshar Shah, Chief Manager (PR), Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited (CPCL), Chennai, one of the largest refineries in South India retires from the services of CPCL on 30th September 2008. Mr Ansar Shah is also one of the co-founders of Public Sector PR Forum (PSPRF) and he is the President of the Forum since its inception. PSPR Forum organised a felicitation and farewell function at Chennai on 26th September 2008.

In the picture below, Mr Vadiyanathan, Secretary of PSPR Forum (left) and Mr N Ravi, Treasurer of PSRP Forum (extreme right) are seen felicitating Mr Ansar Shah (centre) with Shawl and bouquet for his contribution to the PR movement.

Mr K K Acharya, Managing Director of CPCL was the Chief Guest. Besides, many eminent personalities like Mr Ganesan (Director General of Doordarshan, Delhi), Mr Deenadayalam (Former Chairman of CPCL), Mr Ramalingam (Former Chairman of CPCL) fecilitated Mr Ansar Shah. Many Senior Journalists of the City and representatives of Media also participated int he event. It is an unique event where a Public Relations professional is felicitated for his achievements by the Media professionals and his own past and present CEOs.

Picture below : Mr Ganesan , Mr Ansar Shah, Mr K K Acharya, Mr Deenadayalan Mr Ramalingam, N Ravi
Mr K K Acharya in his felicitation speech gave a detailed account of how Public Sector organisations in India are contributing to the National development. He also emphasised the need for Public Relations in transparent communication, so that people get the right message at the right time. Please listen to his speech.
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