Sunday, September 21, 2008

Live from Mount Abu - National Media Conference - Inauguration

Reporting from Mount Abu - K. Srinivasan

National Media Conference organised by Brahmakumaris and Global Forum for Public Relations was inaugurated on Sunday the 21st September 2008 here. Mr B K Om Prakash, Chairperson, Media Wing from Indore and Mr B K Karuna, Vice Chairperson of Media Wing from Mount Abu explained the objectives of the Conference. The inauguration was formally done by lighting lamps (see picture above)

It was followed by the first Plenaruy Session with Dr C V Narasimha Reddy, Editor, PR Voice from Hyderabad chairing the session. Prof. Pradeep Mathu from IIMC, Delhi, Mr Akshya Kumar, Former Advisor to Indian Prime Minister, Dr Sudhakar, Director, Doordarshan Kendra, Hyderabad, Mr Sarat Mishra, Publisher and Editor of Samaj Daily, Cuttack and Mr N K Sindh, Political Editor of ETV, Delhi shared their views. (phto below)

The following points emerged during their talks:.

1. Presently, Indian Media is giving importance to 4Cs (Cricket, crime, cinema and celebrities). Vision is needed for Media and they should focus more on developmental communication.

2. Empowerment of journalists

3. Any freedom without restriction leads to chaos; Media has to develop National responsibility;

4. Media is accused of promoting sex and violence. They are also accused of glorifying the criminals;

5. Media should function like a watchdog;

6. Media should follow positive approach; get themselves prepared for that and train the journalists towards that purpose;

7. Valued based journalism is getting eroded. Spritualism plays a greater role to develop values and systems;

8.Media instead of reflecting the community voice, reflects only the corporate voice; Instead of public interest, media has developed commercial interest;

9. TV Channels have changed the culture of our country, which could not be done by even Britishers during their 200 years rules.

10. There is a disconnect between mass media and the masses (general public);

11. Media should develop self code of conduct, keeping the public at large.


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