Sunday, September 21, 2008

Live from Mount Abu - National Media Conference and Exhibition 2008

Reporting from Mount Abu - K., Srinivasan

A National Media Conference and Exhibtion is being organised on 21 and 22nd September 2008 at Shanthivan, Abu Road (Rajasthan) by Brahmakumaris and Global Forum for Public Realations (GFPR). A grand receiption was held for the delgatges and speakers on Saturday the 20th September 2008 evening. An exhibition was also inaugurated depicting the various activities of the Media and PR wing of Brahmakumaris.

There are more discussions on 21st and 22nd on the various aspects of Media and Public Relations in India. I will try to report live and also podcast on the two day event.

Photo top: Reception meeting
Photo below : Section of the audience ( aroiund 2000 people participated)


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