Sunday, August 24, 2008

Live from Olympics 2008 - Gym & Massage Parlour for Journalists

Mr S Sukumar, Photo Journalist reports from Beijing Olympics 2008:

The Media Professionals around the Globe now in Beijing have to keep their nose to the grind stone. May be they have to work for about 20 hours a day, since venues of the sports events are spread out through out Beijing. One cannot cover all events taking place at one time hence they have to pick and choose the sports events they are interested as well their country is participating. Even though the Media Transport system is available round the clock it will take hours to reach certain venues like Rowing, Boxing etc. Inside Beijing itself. For Sailing Competitions one has to go out of BEIJING.

The Media professionals could not get time to attend to their personal work hence Hair Cutting Saloon, Gym & Fitness Centre with latest equipment, Massage parlour, Library etc are provided inside the Main Press Centre Complex.


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