Monday, April 13, 2015

Retired Police Officers publish ezine to share their investigation experiences

(Mr Anoop Jaiswal IPS, Director General of Police (third from right) 
releasing the print edition of the ezine 'Kakkiyin Pakkam')

The retired Police Officers of 1976 (Direct Sub Inspectors) batch in Tamil Nadu have formed an association by name 'Former Police Officers 1976 Chennai (FoPs76Chennai)  recently.  All the professionals from various organistions, when they retired, they form an association only to keep their contact in tact.  These retired Police Officers decided to document their investigation experiences and case studies for the benefit of their juniors and publish every quarter an ezine (emagazine).  They also named this ezine as 'Kakkiyin Pakkam' (Pages of Police). They will be sharing this ezine through email with all the Police Officers and Police Stations in Tamil Nadu.  In order to make this ezine more meaningful, they have decided to publish in local language Tamil, so that even the constables can avail the advantange.

The print edition of this ezine was launched by Mr Anoop Jaiswal IPS, Director General of Police, USRB, Tamil Nadu in the presence of a galaxy of present and past police officers.  While appreciating the efforts of the retired Police Officers, he also appealed to them to write freely all their experiences, so that the juniors could get the benefit of their wisdom.  Shri Rajendran, Addl DGP and Dr Vanagamudi, Vice Chancellor of Ambekar Law University also felicitated the new initiative.

Prime Point Srinivasan provided the technical support to their Editorial team to bring out this ezine.  He was also honoured by the Director General of Police.

The Associations of retired officers from other organisations like Banks, bureaucracy, etc. can also emulate the example of these Police officers, by documenting their experiences for the benefit of their junior colleagues. 

Congratulations FoPs76Chennai Team! 

The ezine can be downloaded from the link (11 mb in pdf format)


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