Saturday, April 25, 2015

Cyber Society of India bats for Net Neutrality and review of 66A judgement

Cyber Society of India (CySI) seminar on trends in cyber law 25th April 2015 at Chennai
(L to R - Kapaleeswaran, Dr P Vanagamudi, G R Swaminathan and V Rajendran)

Cyber Society of India (CySI) organised a Seminar at Dr MGR Janaki College, Chennai on Saturday the 25th April 2015 on the recent trends in Cyber Laws.  Dr P Vanagamudi, Vice Chancellor, Dr Ambedkar Law University, Tamil Nadu inaugurated the Seminar.   G R Swaminathan, Asst. Solicitar General, Madras High Court (Madurai Bench) delivered Key note address.  Many Senior Lawyers, consumer representatives also shared their views.

The Seminar focussed generally on the recent Supreme Court Judgement on 66A of IT Act and the much debated 'Net neutrality'.  Dr Vanagamudi was in support of the Judgement.  Other speakers Shri G R Swaminathan, Shivakumar (Advocate, Bangalore High court), Sujatha (Consumer activisit) and V Balu (Adocate, Madras High Court) felt that the Supreme Court Judgement was erroneous.  They uniformly felt that this judgement may pose risks to women  They wanted the Government to file a review petition before the Supreme Court.  

Dr B Muthukumaran, Technical expert explained the various aspects of Net Neutrality and emphasised that there should not be discrimination while providing internet connectivity to the consumers.   Even Sujatha also felt that there should be net neutrality and it should not be changed.

The powerpoint presentation made by Dr B Muthukumaran on Net Neutrality.

Photos taken during that occassion.


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