Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New Trust formed to support in 'Hearing Health care''and 'Learning disability' at Puducherry

Prof. N D Rajan, a senior and well known Audiologist and some of his professional colleagues have launched a new Trust 'Bharat Educational & Social Charitable Trust (BEST)' on 24th Jan 2016 at Puducherry.

For the first time in India, this Trust will honour the Audiologist professionals across the nation for their best research papers and innovations in the field.

This Trust will also address the issues relating to 'Learning disability'among the school children.  Studies reveal that nearly 10% of the school going children in India are affected because of 'Learning disability'.  It is a hidden disability and these children can perform better in many other areas, if they are properly guided by the parents and teachers.

Dr N K Majumdar, a well known ENT surgeon of Puchucherry and Dr. R Jagannathan, Former Vice Chancellor of American Medical University, St. Locia, West Indies inaugurated the Trust.  Prime Point Srinivasan released the brochure and delivered a speech on 'Safe use of internet'.

Prof. N D Rajan can be reached at rajannd@yahoo.com

Their website is www.hearingfoundation.in

You can listen to the speech of Prime Point Srinivasan in Tamil


Please also see some of the photographs.


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