Friday, May 31, 2013

How to use social media sites safely? - Seminar by CySI

Prime Point Srinivasan, Gunasekaran and S Balu (speakers at the programme organised by Cyber Society of India CySI on social media networking sites)
Prime Point Srinivasan, Gunasekaran and S Balu
Cyber Society of India (CySI) and HTC-ITMR organised a programme on social media networking and the safety aspects on 30th May 2013 at HTC towers, Chennai.  It was a well attended programme.

Presentation on social media networking sites

Prime Point Srinivasan, Chairman, Prime Point Foundation made a presentation on the advantages, challenges and the safety aspects of social media networking sites.  During his presentation, he emphasised the need for the youth keeping themselves within the limit while using the social media and not to get addicted.  He also informed that 500 million status updates were shared; 300 million  mails were sent and 250 million photos were uploaded every day in the social media sites.  He posed the question as to how much percentage of them were useful and qualitative.  Out of all the social media usage, he estimated around 80% of them were only casual and trash.He wanted the users to think over the amount of productive professional time spent on trashes and the cost of server and the bandwidth involved in the transmission.  He also advised not share any private details in the social media sites.

Srinivasan wanted the social media to be used effectively only when it is needed and to keep away when not needed.

His presentation is embedded below.

Presentation on security and legal aspects

S Balu, Former Addl. Superintendent of Police, Cyber crime made a presentation on security and legal aspects of social media.  He shared some of the cases investigated by him, which ended up in convicatin of the culprit.  He also suggested not to share any private details in social media sites like facebook, twitter, etc.

The presentation of S Balu is embedded below.

Gunasekaran, CFO of HTC Global made an interesting presentation on the various implications of putting 'likes' and writing 'comments' on the status of others in facebook.  He even quoted a case of person's visa getting rejected, because of the person had marked 'like' to a social media status against the country to which, he sought visa.  He advised youth to be very careful, while clicking 'like' and adding 'comments' on the controversial statements found on the status.

The event was organised by Kapaleeswaran (Vice President of CySI) and Dr Muthu (Head of HTC ITMR) meticulously.  Please watch some of the photographs taken during the event.


Thank you for posting your talk Srini. It is truly educative.

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