Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Communication skills for auditors - Ford sets a new trend

Generally, all the Companies arrange communication skills sessions only for their employees, who are communicating externally, like marketing, public relations professionals, etc.   In reality, communication is the 'live wire' of the organisation. 

Every employee in an organisation, whether he/she belongs to x department or y department, he/she needs to improve the communication skills.  Many of them may not communicate externally, like marketing professionals.  But they  communicate internally within their organisation.

Internal Audit Department of Ford Company at Chennai started thinking in this line.  Most of the time, the internal auditors in any organisation are the 'unwanted people' by others. because of their nature of job.  But their role is highly important in the smooth functioning of the system.  Most of the time, they become 'UnSung heroes' of the organisation, but they are subjected to  sharp criticisms from their own colleagues.  In all the organisations, a big gap exists between the auditors and the rest of the employees.

Ford organised a three day 'Annual Conference' at Chennai to review their performance from 26th June 2012.  Around 30 auditors from all the Units of Asia Paciic Region were the participants.

In order to bride the gap between the auditors and the other employees, the Audit Department of Ford invited me to present a session on 'Communication skills for auditors - Get the message across'.  After the formal inauguration by Mr Vadivelan, General Manager of the Audit Department, they asked me to handle the first and inaugural session.  This indicated the importance given by the Audit department for communication skills, for better relationship.

During the course of my presentation, I was explaining the various ways, the communication from the sender may get distorted leading to bad relationship and misunderstanding.  The  auditors have a great role to play in any organisation and their role cannot be compromised.  Hence,  they are required to handle the situations very carefully without demotivating the other employees and without getting misunderstood.  I shared some of my experiences and  gave tips for improving the communication skills.

This  concept of introducing a session on 'communication skills' in the auditors conference was conceived by Mr Vadivelan, General Manager and Mr Balachandar, Manager of the Audit Department.  Ford has set a new trend, which can be emulated by other companies.


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