Saturday, August 27, 2011

Do not become slave and addict of social media; Keep at arm's distance

K. Srinivasan, Founder, Prime Point Foundation addressed the members of Social Media Club at Chennai on Saturday the 27th August 2011.  He was speaking on "Public Relations (PR) through Social Media".  During his speech, he explained the growth of internet and social media in the recent years. He also explained how corporates and individuals could use social media effectively for promoting their products or services.  He also explained how HR departments were looking at the social media links of the candidates and judge them.  Hence, he suggested all youngsters to use the social media properly.
Srinivasan also quoted various examples of his own podcasts which were used by mainline media.  He also cautioned the audience about the security aspects of various social media.  He concluded his speech with a caution that social media, though to be used at appropriate time, should be kept at arm's distance.  He advised the audience not to become addict to social media.  He suggested wherever possible use 'face to face' or one-one-voice communication, instead of social media, to bring 'human touch'.
As the speech was going on, some of the members were live tweeting the bullet points.
The Photos taken during the event is streamed below:

The presentation is also given below.


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