Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Image Audit helps to improve the employee management

L to R: K. Srinivasan, Rtn Latha Rajan (President),
Rtn. R. Narayanan (Secretary Elect)
K. Srinivasan, Chairman, Prime Point Foundation delivered a talk on "Image Audit and measuring techniques of image" at Rotary Club of Adyar on 17th May 2011.  During the course of his talk, he explained as to how perception is being formed based on (a) performance,  (b) ones own experience, (c) what others say and (d) rumours.  
He also said that such perception formed by stakeholders create positive or negative image.  Generally, employees have 'hidden perception' on the management and normally, they do not reveal to the management, for various reasons.
He regretted that many corporates, particularly CEO managed, organisations do not prefer to conduct Image Audit on the employees, for fear of their administration being reviewed frankly  by their employees.  Image Audit is like a 'master health check up' for any person and even if the employees give negative perception, it would help to streamline the administration.  On the other hand, the organisations managed by 'owners' at the top level, prefer to conduct image audit.
K. Srinivasan addressing
Srinivasan said, through Image Audit techniques, we can bring out the hidden perception of employees and other stakeholders.  This would help the management to undertake mid-course corrections and also to avoid any possible future crisis. 
He also explained with example as to  how 'perception' formed by the voters has played a greater role during the recent assembly elections.  
For more details on Image Audit, he requested the audience to visit www.imageaudit.com
Rtn. Latha Rajan, President of the Rotary Club of Adyar presided over the meeting.  The meeting was attended by members of the club, who represented various industries and profession.  
The slide show of the power point file is appended below.


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