Monday, January 31, 2011

Measuring of internal and external image - Image Audit

Hindu Business Line organises 'Business Line Club' in various colleges and arranges interaction session with industry experts on all topics.  K. Srinivasan, Founder of Prime Point Foundation was invited by Hindu Business LIne Club to give a talk on "Measuring internal and external image - Image Audit" to the Management students of Manakula Vinayakar Institute of Technology, Puducherry on 31st Jan 2011.
In the talk, K. Srinivasan explained how perception was getting formed and the importance of understanding the 'hidden perception' of stake holders. He also explained how perception leads to image.  He  explained the techniques of studying the 'hidden perception' known as 'Image Audit'. He advised the students to visit to know more about this concept and to look at some of the sample reports.  
Srinivasan  answered various questions posed by the students on the concept of image and perception.  
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