Thursday, February 04, 2010

Workshop on Presentation Skills at TNSC Bank

In the last October, 2009, I wrote about the Staff Training College of Tamilnadu State Apex Cop. Bank, who are training the officials of all District and State level Cooperative Banks.  Unlike  the 'robotic' approach of all training institutes of  so called 'professional' Corporate Houses, TNSC Bank Training centre thought 'out of the box' and planed to train their officials on 'Presentation Skills'.  I was invited again on 3rd Feb 2010 to conduct half-day session on Presentation Skills.
After one hour of introductory presentation by myself aboit the concept, the participants were asked to make a presentation for 5 minutes each about anything ranging from their own products to the latest movie.  Ultimately, the participants should market with the audience about the product or movie.  The presentations were videographed and immediately played back for review by audience.
The main hurdle for any person to attempt a presentation is only an ' assumed fear'.  When I asked the participants, to volunteer for presentation and video-graphing at the beginning, there was a reluctance on their part, due to fear.    Two persons were forced to make presentation.  Then, after 10 minutes, nobody wanted to leave the chance.  Everybody started coming up to the stage for testing their ability.
Almost all of them had the capability to make a good presentation.  Unfortunately, lack of self confidence and fear prevent them from making public presentation.  At the end of the day, every one realised their 'hidden' potential.
Though, we all assume that cooperative bodies are unprofessional, i personally feel they are more professional than the so called professional institutions.  Three cheers to Mr Manohar, Principal and his team!


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